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Team News
Long Service Award 20th February 2015 Friday marked a very special occasion for the team, Richard “Leggy” Legg’s official award ceremony for twenty years’ continuous service with the Wyke Coastguard more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 21st Apr 2015
Challenge Weymouth 14th September 2014 It was autumn 2013 when Mark Fagg, the Station Officer for Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue team, recklessly announced his intention to participate in the more
Added by: Malcolm Wright - 21st Oct 2014
A quick update on former team member Malcolm Wright. On 18th July Malcolm attended Windsor Castle. Malcolm, who was awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List received more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 04th Aug 2014
Wessex FM Local Hero Awards 20th June 2014 On the 20th June four members of the Wyke CRT were honoured to accept the Wessex FM Local Hero Services Award, on more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 06th Jul 2014
Former team member Malcolm Wright will celebrate the New Year this evening knowing he is on the New Years honors list. He receives an MBE for 40 years service more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 31st Dec 2013
Former Station Officer Malcolm Wright and the current Station Officer, Mark Fagg both received long service awards on the evening of 15th November. Mark 20 years and Malcolm a more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 25th Nov 2013
Congratulations Malcolm on 40 years of service in HM Coastguard today Having only served 20 years I do not feel qualified to comment on Malcolms 40 years of service more
Added by: Mark Fagg - 24th Oct 2013
Latest 5 Callouts
Icon showing Marine Person in water  #029 / 2019
18th April 2019 - 17:32
A full team page to a person reported in the water off Overcombe. This transpired to be a kite surfer becalmed. The situation resolved itself before we arrived on scene
Icon showing Helicopter Landing Site HLS  #028 / 2019
13th April 2019 - 12:40
Tasked to prepare the HLS at Dorchester Rugby Ground for R175. A male casualty from a 50' Sailing vessel required hospital treatment. He was airlifted from the vessel direct to Dorchester. Weymouth ALB was also launched. The casualty was walking wounded.
Icon showing Search MisPer  #027 / 2019
12th April 2019 - 10:16
Team paged just before 1030 to assist Dorset Police with an on going search for a high risk MisPer in the Greenhill area. As team members began to arrive on scene the news that our casualty had been located by Police came through. Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team who were on route to also assist and all other units stood down. The busy period for the team continues.
Icon showing Cliff Rescue 5 persons stuck  #026 / 2019
11th April 2019 - 22:37
A longer than expected night ensued after we were paged to back up our colleagues, Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team. The volunteers were tasked to 5 young people who reported themselves stuck amongst rocks on steep ground below the Young Offenders Institute on Portland. They were located from above their position very quickly but it soon became apparent that accessing that position was not going to be easy. With thick, heavy undergrowth between us and them on a cold night, a team was dispatched to try and approach from below.
The team eventually made contact with the casualties who were in two separate locations, one group a little higher and on steeper terrain. A rope system was put in place to allow all 5 to be lowered to safer ground and a second team. They were then walked out to an awaiting paramedic. The youngsters were left with Dorset Police, we were tucked up again shortly after 0300.
Icon showing Search concern for welfare  #025 / 2019
11th April 2019 - 21:31
The full team were paged at 21:31 and asked to assist Dorset Police with a concern for welfare report. The first informant stated they had last seen the potential casualty near to the sea and were worried they may have entered. Weymouth Lifeboat ILB were also tasked to the incident.

The team assembled on the seafront near to the Kings Statue. A team member met with the first informant who gave a description of the female casualty, and a last known location. After a very quick search of the immediate location, a person matching the description of the casualty was located and confirmed as the potential casualty. This news was then passed to the NMOC and Weymouth Lifeboat ILB.

One of our female officers waited with the uninjured casualty until Dorset Police arrived. With the casualty safely in the care of Dorset Police, the team were allowed to stand down.
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